Media Softball Playoffs

Why can’t we all just get along?

After the recent spat between Bill Holland and Jonathan Salant over unsportsmanlike conduct in (no, we’re not kidding) media slow-pitch softball, league commissioner Rob Terry had to issue the following note before this weekend’s big playoff games:


    The playoffs are an exciting time and everyone understands this weekend is different from the regular season. Playing for a championship means more intensity, more pressure, and more heated competition.

    But that does not permit you to lose your head out there.

    The MMSL wants everyone to enjoy the experience of the Playoff Championship Series, but understand very clearly that our rules and guidelines for conduct and behavior are even more stringent than during the season.

    Warn your players. Control your players if they get out of hand. The umpires are clearly instructed to manage these games like they would any other major tournament, and that means play hard, compete — but watch your behavior. The umpires will have very itchy trigger fingers on players who need to be (and should be) ejected.

    If ejected, the player or coach will serve a two-game suspension aside from the game you were ejected from), beginning immediately. Suspensions can (and will) carry over to the following year. Honestly, playing for the championship is not an entitlement for screaming at umpires (Earl Weaver), kicking bases (Lou Piniella), tossing bats (Lloyd McClendon) or just generally acting like a crazy person, like that minor league manager who’s all over the Internet recently. Play, have a great time, and leave the antics somewhere else.



One reader / softball player writes in to tell us:

    This is going to be the Bataan Death March of playoffs. With a double elimination format and so many teams with the same record (11-5) there are strong possibilities that teams will have to play four games Saturday. In the heat. In Montgomery County. This could bring into play a factor not seen during normal play: team youthfulness (or age) may very well be a factor, as I suspect I’ll be one whipped-dog by the end of the day, in my total middle-agedness.

    Fortunately, the NPC team is young…so this could work for us. AP….is older. They may get hurt, as will CNN’s team, which has mighty hitters but lots of old guys.

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