‘Media Producers’ Find Job Success At PR Firms

The silos are breaking down, says Arik C. Hanson, principal of ACH Communications in Minnesota. When before you could be just a writer or just a photographer, tomorrow’s PR pro is going to need to know more than one technology. (We’ve already seen this happen in journalism.)

“Many companies cannot afford to specialize any longer when it comes to content. Sure, they need quality, but not at a severe cost (and not for every project)….companies will be looking more and more for a professional with storytelling skills. And photography skills. And video producing and editing skills. These people exist–just not in big numbers quite yet.”

A PR ‘media producer’ would know the basics of photography, writing, SEO, social media, video, and podcasting, just to name a few.

Hanson says he’s already seen some employers looking for such a candidate.

And if you think this is nigh impossible, look what one producer (who, to be fair, specializes in video) for the National Science Foundation did recently. Total budget: $0. That’s right, $0. So writers, that excuse about how it costs too much to learn video just went out the window.

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