Media Miscellany: Not More Katrina

Andy Roddick.jpg

  • We will not make a mojo pun. We will not make a mojo pun. There’s a little thing called tempting fate, and it looks like Amex and Andy Roddick may have done so with that God-awful “Find Andy Roddick’s Mojo” ad (Simon: agree? Disagree?). I was embarrassed for everyone involved when I saw it, although Andy’s Mojo did look like he’d be fun to have out (especiallly since he seemed to pick up the check an awful lot). Anyhow, AmEx is going to be “rethinking” the campaign since it’s nowo been rendered a tad obsolete. Mr. Mojo, Fallin’? Damn. I swore I wasn’t gonna do that. [ESPN and NYT]
  • David Pogue: Another day, another digcam article dominating MEL NYT tech maven David Pogue knows the way to a Times-reader’s heart: through the lens of a digital camera. This week he regales us with tales of a Wifi-enabled Nikons. Cool. I need one to go with my new iPod cellphone.[NYT]
  • “But is it an evil morning show?” Sorry, we still can’t get that George-Clooney-as-Dr.-Evil cover of Men’s Vogue out of our heads. Apparently GMA has scored again — an interview with Clooney at his super-secure-totally-impenetrable Lake Como pad in advance of his upcoming flick “Good Night, and Good Luck.” According to the Lowdown, NBC backed out of a deal to host Clooney on “Dateline” and “Today” — so Clooney went straight into the arms of its rival for the exclusive. Clooney, Sandra Day O’Connor and this morning with George Bush – GMA is getting the gets. Of course no one pays for interviews, but if they did I think this one would be worth… one million dollars! [NYDN]
  • “The One With The Godless Infidels And Heathen American Jackals” Apparently a sitcom about a wacky bunch o’ terrorists called “The Cell” can’t get picked up to save its life, despite being hilarious (“Ahmed, whose cover is a job as a bike messenger, falls in love with a neighborhood florist – who turns out to be Jewish – but can’t get up the nerve to ask her out. ‘You’re bright, you’re funny, you’re talented,’ Musab says, urging his comrade on. ‘Who made the best nail bomb in training camp? You did!'”). Yep, our flexible and liberal new FCC would looooove that. [NYT]