Media Miscellany: Ides of August Edition – 08.15.05

Media Miscellany: Ides of August Edition - 08.15.05

  • People…People who love People… …are apparently a little too enthusiastic about it down in the People LA office, according to Radar. Specifically, on Brad Gold, west coast bureau chief and would-be lothario. Gold has been accused of sexually harassing one of his female employees, and it sounds like it got kind of out of hand (Seized computers? Sleazy business trips? Hair falling out in clumps? Slime-o-rama). Yes, I know Radar used the same headline, but come one, I’m going to resist Barbra Streisand?
  • You’re too sexy for non-blog readers: Apparently you are very sexy indeed. You’re also wealthy, urbane, young and on the internet an awful lot. If Nick Denton is correct, you’re going to change the way advertising dollars are allocated (he hopes, he fervently hopes). Denton commissioned a study on blog readership, and, as the New York Times reported this weekend, blog readers are the cream of the online crop. If you’re so sexy, you must have all sorts of people girl-crushing on you. Prove it! Full study here.
  • Out of Interest: Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo was #5 at the box office this weekend with $9.4 million. It was bested by Four Brothers, Skeleton Key, Dukes of Hazzard, and Wedding Crashers. But — which one of those do you think cost the least to make? Yes, that is a leaning Tower of Pisa in my pocket and I am glad to see you. I know this isn’t really media-y but the heat has addled my brain. [Variety]

  • Odds and Ends: CBS needs to wash its mouth out with soap…Great minds think alike about Turkish history and fancy little footstools…Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten/From the Battery to the top of Manhattan (er, and then just a 75-minute train ride west)…Gina Kolata,
    someone’s on your beat: apparently you can’t just moisturize your cellulite away. Drat. NOW they tell me!

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