Media Miscellany: 05.25.2005

Bonnie Behrend will NOT be ignored: Former CNBC news anchor Bonnie Behrend has sent a rash of angry, bitter emails to NBC head Bob Wright, accusing him of ruining her career and her life, reports Page Six. Behrend, who has been off-air since 2001, wrote emails with titles like “How Dare You – Part One” and “Fix This,” accusing Wright of having “shattered my life, career and family” and conspiring with networks and agents to keep her off air. She also alleged sexual harassment. Page Six quotes a rep for Wright and CNBC: “Ms. Behrend left our employment almost four years ago. She subsequently filed a meritless lawsuit. Her claims were dismissed by the court and cannot be re-filed.” Yikes. Pet bunnies, I’d watch your asses right about now. [Page Six]

Germans love David Hasselhoff, less so U.S. magazines: Yesterday it was announced that German publishing behemoth Gruner + Jahr had sold Parents, Child, Fitness, and Family Circle magazines to for $350 million to the Des Moines-based Meredith Corporation, with an option to sell Inc. and Fast Company to Meredith as well. This would effectively divest G+J of its U.S. mag holding and put Meredith in second place for total U.S. circulation (after Time Inc.). Meanwhile, G+J USA president Russell Denson was actually in the dark about the transaction until recently (and told Folio that he was a bit nonplussed). Folio also says Time is well-positioned to pick up the business titles. Myrna Blyth dishes on it at the Sun; Folio is on it here; Rosie O’Donnell takes credit in free verse here, using all caps so that we know she really means it.

Kenneth Tomlinson will not be ignored: Yesterday in D.C., PBS president Pat Mitchell and former PBS mainstay Bill Moyers both flung a few salvos at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Republican chair Kenneth Tomlinson who has lately been unsubtly trying to sniff out liberal bias in public broadcasting. Mitchell is departing, but it looks like she won’t do it without a fight. Moyers is already fighting (and being fought; Hannity & Colmes welcomed America’s sweetheart Ann Coulter to Fox last night to bash his speech). The PBS drama continues… [CJR]