Media Miscellany: 05.19.2005

Brigid: Frigid? Former Paris Review interim editrix Brigid Hughes will launch a new literary magazine called A Public Space, which will focus on fiction and poetry. Leaving recent MEL-topping articles aside, the story about the mag is from Canada (yay Canada!). Brr! It’s cold up there. Hughes and her magazine actually have nothing to do with Canada, but we were happy to have an excuse to rhyme ‘Brigid’ with ‘frigid,’ no matter how tenuous. [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]

New breath of fresh culture at the NYT: Jon Landman steps down and Sam Sifton steps up, earning the usual glowing reviews from Bill Keller via interoffice email. Where’s Landman going? “More anon,” says Keller. Dang, them people at the Times‘re smart. [Gawker][UPDATE: The Times announcement]

Just try to deny it: They’re jolly good fellows! This year’s Nieman Fellows have been announced, and at least two of the honored 12 journalists are from New York: New York Times Baghdad correspondent (and bane of Susan Sachs’ existence) Dexter Filkins and Brooklyn freelance reporter Jacob Levenson (with whom Susan Sachs has no quarrel). [Harvard Press Office via MediaBistro]