Media Miscellany: 05.03.2005

I want my MTV NYP: Today the New York Post makes us work for our Paris Hilton updates (lest we get them from the Times), launching their online registration system and compelling would-be site surfers to cough up their personal info first. Let’s hope they don’t go all Time Warner on us.

No sleep ’til [insert any other borough name here]: The inevitable Brooklyn backlash has come with a vengeance in this week’s New York Magazine article, “I Hate Brooklyn!” by dyed-in-the-wool Manhattanite Jonathan Van Meter. Oy, is Marty Markowitz gonna plotz.

I want my MTV NYT: The New York Times has been canvassing readers to see if they’d be willing to pay $50 a year for access to its archives (presumably looking to emulate the success of the Wall Street Journal online, wherefrom this story was culled). As it turns out, money ain’t for nothing and the clicks ain’t free.