Media Miscellany: 05.02.2005

Media Miscellany: 05.02.2005

· Henry Kissinger vs. Women’s Wear Daily, 1971. An excerpt:

HK [to WWD reporter, after being accused of using taxpayer money to expense fancy lunches in fancy restaurants]…But it’s ridiculous to say I go eight or ten times a month for lunch to the Sans Souci… You say I have been there that many times with a tall dirty blonde.
KS [WWD reporter]: It was a brunette?
HK: That is the sort of gossip I don’t ask you to correct. But the government money…For God’s sake, this is a point of honor!

· First prize is 15 minutes with Graydon Carter. Second prize is thirty minutes with Graydon Carter…

· Note to self: remember to instruct the interns to remove correspondence before taking books to the Strand

· ABC Prime Time advertising: James Dobson, spanking and Macho Jesus. [via Buzzmachine]