Media Minutiae, You Mean There’s Other Stuff Going On In The News? Edition

  • If only it were as easy as giving out cupcakes: There’s a seat up for grabs on the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ board, and competition is fierce. I have no idea, maybe it’s not as boring as it sounds. The point is, Cond&#233 Nast senior vice president of consumer marketing affairs Peter Armour and challenger David Rock, director of online and partnerships at Ziff Davis, are both ready to fight, if necessary. Rock lobbed an email salvo subtly impugning Armour’s engagement “in the operations of his company” about which Armour sniffed: “It is very easy to criticize, especially when you haven’t bothered to volunteer for any ABC committee or have been engaged in the ABC process.” Put another way: “Vaulting ambition doth o’erleap itself.” LAY ON, MACZIFF! Sorry, but framing the ABC in visceral Shakespearian terms makes it more interesting. Thanks, Arianna! [WWD]
  • Men read magazines like Mars, women read magazines like Venus: I don’t really know what that means, except that women seem to have a longer attention span for magazine-reading than their menfolk. Jon Fine reports, you decide, unless you get distracted. [BusinessWeek – Mediacentric]
  • The sweet smell of…Canada? Apparently NYC is starting to smell like maple syrup. Mmm. I LOVE maple syrup, and also maple cream and maple sugar. I like to eat maple sugar in big sugary chunks. But just for the record, the weird smell in NYC isn’t my fault. []
  • Spin and Vibe are on the block. Radar’s got the scoop.[Radar]
  • Hockey: it exists, you know. [NYDN]
  • Harry Potter’s flying car has been stolen from British studio lot! Oh, Muggles. [CNN]
  • I’m gonna say it: The New Yorker‘s Hallowe’en cover kinda freaks me out.
  • Someone’s been Google-bombing again: Go to Google. Type in “failure.” Hit “I’m feeling lucky.” Regard your president. [Google]