Media Minutiae, Where EVERY Page is Page Six Edition

  • Page Six: gossip goes glossip! Nice scoop from Sara James at WWD: Page Six is putting out a pretty, shiny, glossy magazine! Richard Johnson has been slinking in and out of the 10th floor offices to attend to the new super-secret project deep in the hushed, shadowy environs of the floor below…it’s probably not all that hushed, actually, but a super-secret project deserves some drama. The mag will come out in the Post on Feb. 9th, thanks to the efforts of erstwhile Sixers Johnson, Jared Paul Stern and Steve Gabarino while Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson held down the daily fort (with help from recent Radar senior editor Chris Tennant). It will have 76 pages, 37 of which will be ads. Not a bad ratio (sorry, Cargo). No cover’s been decided as of yet; that depends on what new lows Paris hits in the interim. [WWD]
  • Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have Googled “President Bush” and “in a tutu”: The NYT has an article on how people are suddenly thinking twice before they Google, based on recent revelations about the government mining search engine data. Here are some of examples of Fishbowl’s Google searches, culled from what was improbably saved by my computer in the months since the summer (based on the search for “telephone hour lyrics“): “fishbowlny totally poster Moss“; “wenner birthday covers weekly” “Billboard Strokes Juicebox #1“; “‘pigs in blankets’ gil schwartz“; “also sprach Zarathustra” (in a fruitless attempt to catch out Matt Haber — as if); “first we kill the lawyers” and “‘Kate Moss’ nipple“; these are just my work searches. But the pi&#232ce de r&#233sistance: “Anderson Cooper” and “wet and glistening.” That’s not a joke; the truth is always funnier than fiction. Know ye this, James Frey. [NYT]
  • Hush hush, keep it down now, Voices Carry (you right out the door): Today’s “Media Ink” has more info on the changing of the guard at the Village Voice. He was not quite as tentative as we were about characterizing Miszner’s departure (upshot: pushed). [NYP]