Media Minutiae, Wednesday Bloody Wednesday Edition

bono arigato mr. roboto.jpg How long, how long can I sing this song? If it’s the song of success and relevance and you’re U2, well then, forever, says David Carr. Carr analyzes U2’s staying power and lauds their savviness, realness and techno-awareness, through the mulleted times and beyond. [NYT]

  • She hears in mysterious ways: Poor Diane Sawyer — she’s ill with an ear infection which forced her to miss her interview with CIA honcho Porter Goss. Aw. Feel better! And a slap on the wrist to whatever “network exec” sniped to Page Six that “She always calls in sick when she’s unhappy. She feels they’re not paying enough attention to her.” Someone owes someone an anonymous apology. On your knees, boy. [NYP]
  • Tryin’ to throw their arms around the world: The New York Observer‘s Rebecca Dana reports on the growing trend of American cable newsies migrating to Al-Jazeera International (presumably because they still haven’t found what they’re looking for on American networks). The BBC’s David Frost, former CNNer Riz Khan, possibly Nightline’s Dave Marash are attracted to the international reporting opportunities and the chance to reach an untapped audience, possibly help bring a new and improved picture of America to the Arab world. Will it work? Who knows?
    P.S. Rejected depressing titles for this item: “Until The End of the World,” “In God’s Country,” Lemon. But, see also “Peace on Earth” and “When Love Came To Town.” [NYO]

  • Even better than the real thing: Prolific week for Jack Shafer; in another new column today he blasts the Wall Street Journal for puffing up the similarities between crooked Congressman Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif) and former disgraced speaker of the House Jim Wright. It’s true, Wright was on the take, but as Shafer says, “Cunningham’s offenses to Wright’s is like comparing a Brink’s job with the looting of a Pez dispenser.” Shafer doesn’t like it when the WSJ exaggerates. [Slate]