Media Minutiae: Vice | Times‘ Perfumer | FNC Kidnapper Update | Ann Curry | CBS | Blender | Brian Williams | Subway ‘Frenzy’

  • New York Times: Names perfume critic. [AP]
  • U.S.: Won’t negotiate with Fox News crew’s kidnappers. [Guardian]
  • Today‘s Ann Curry: Top-selling cover for More at the newsstand. [Eat The Press]
  • CBS: To stream clips of fall shows at Grand Central Terminal. [WSJ]
  • Blender: Axes designer en route to funeral. [Jossip]
  • Men’s Journal: Sinking under Jann Wenner‘s post-Michael Caruso era. [WWD]
  • Brian Williams: Does “yammer-yammer” motion with hands. [NYO]
  • Subway Dudes: Set record, spark “media frenzy.” [amNY]
  • Vice Mag: Already over. [Gawker]