Media Minutiae: The “Henry Luce Does A Slow 720 In The Grave” Edition

  • Congratulations, Mark Golin! You’re undoubtedly the first Time Inc. managing editor to print an expletive in his very first editor’s letter. (Office Pirates launched today.) He starts his tenure by apologizing for why the site is so weak. “Sure, the site is a little light on content right now, but we believe it was already mentioned that IT’S WEEK FUCKING ONE HERE! Lighten up. LOL!!!!!! Just kidding.” Um, right. I knew Greg Gutfeld. Greg Gutfeld was a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Greg Gutfeld.
  • In related news, the lad mag era is over. You don’t say.
  • Remember, these are the same people who once thought the :CueCat was a good idea. The Dallas Morning News announces plans to insert bleeding edge technology, i.e. CD-ROMs, in its Sunday editions.
  • Dow Jones announces a reorg along the lines of its target markets, rather than distribution. A sign that new CEO Rich Zannino is platform-agnostic? Perhaps. Twenty people will get the axe as part of the restructuring, which will cost the company $14 million in severance payments, an average of $700,000 per person. I’ve asked it before, and I’ll ask it again: when do I get to start failing up?