Media Minutiae, The Cheese Actually Doesn’t Stand Alone Edition

  • I know crusty; you, sir, are extremely crusty: Slate‘s Sara Dickerman tries out the NYT’s wildly popular mac n’ cheese recipes. The Creamy recipe turns out “well enough” but the crusty one is a gummy, congealed, dry, icky mess. Ew! Oh, who am I kidding, I’d totally still eat it. [Slate]
  • Google’s Shadow Payroll… sounded deliciously scandalous when I clicked on the NYT headline. Sadly, it’s just about something the web-savvy have known for ages: Google will pay you to post ads for them. [NYT]
  • “Desperate Housewives” Creator Marc Cherry Is Neither Desperate Nor Plural: Such a nitpicker, but still: can you spot the error in this glib teaser from the front page of yesterday’s Style section? “The creator of ‘Desperate Housewives’ is neither.”
  • Is the MPA generous or stupid? Slate‘s Timothy Noah makes a case for the latter, also for “corrupt.” Either way, they are linked in an unsavoury fashion to one Jack Abramoff. [Slate]
  • Take David Edelstein’s First Column, Please! The former Slate film critic has his debut at New York, opening with Fishbowl’s favorite corny overdone joke: “Take My Wives, Please!” re: Albert Brooks‘ search for comedy in the Muslim World. He finds that it is no King Kong. [NYMag]