Media Minutiae: The All-TWX, All-The-Time Edition

  • Did someone say our name? The countdown to Carl Icahn’s press conference/stand-up act is T-minus 4 hours and 30 minutes. Assuming the St. Regis has WiFi, Fishbowl will be coming to you live this afternoon from the press conference. And needless to say, we are excited. So is Fortune’s Andy Serwer: “I can’t remember the last time Icahn held a press conference (maybe back to the days of hounding TWA), but that’s what happens when you attack the largest media company in the world in the biggest media fishbowl of them all.” Damn straight.
  • It seemed like something was missing No Time Warner saga is complete without 3,525 words of arch analysis from Michael Wolff. It’s quite a nice appetizer for this afternoon.
  • The interns are running the asylum. Leave it to Primedia to publish a decidedly for-profit magazine for collegiate twentysomethings written and produced for credit by actual college students. The new women’s magazine, named Modus, was the brainchild of Quicksilver CEO Bob McKnight, who happens to be on the board of Los Angeles’ OTIS College of Art and Design, which will be providing the slave labor. Up next: MySpace The Magazine, consisting entirely of profiles reprinted off the site.
  • And JT Leroy doesn’t exist. Again. But there will be a book deal. Probably.