Media Minutiae: The Absolut(e) Edition

  • The vodka’s to blame: Poster Keith Kelly reports the little-known backstory of the newly-shuttered Absolute magazine. Seems Absolut Vodka has waged a legal battle against the Absolute Publishing Company, the magazine’s publisher.
  • Define “Classic”: The World Baseball Classic is underway, airing on ESPN and WWOR-Channel 9. If last month’s Torino ratings were any indication, the composite American viewer likes Idol more than international competition.
  • Like a heroin addict, but for celebrity gossip: Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown told an Oregon audience his eventual demise at CNN resulted from criticizing the network’s obsession with celebrity, which he compared to a heroin addiction.
  • Obligatory “Blogs Were This, Now They’re That, You/They Just Don’t Get It” link: From the National Journal: “Just as it makes sense that people are fleeing newspapers, it also makes sense that they aren’t flocking to blogs.”