Media Minutiae: Strawberry Sushi Edition

Oh, the sleepy, languid days of August. Everyone’s on vacation and yet column inches need to be filled, especially when there is a global family drama to monitor and expletives to be broadcast. Oh, media blogging, how can we resist your siren call. We can’t. Ergo, minutiae. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever written an entire sentence in Latin. Res ipsa loquitur!

  • Huff Your Way To A Better You! Arianna Huffington has sold her upcoming “manifesto for women” to Little, Brown. Arianna’s book will guide women on “how to be bold, how to make yourself bulletproof, and how to say what you need to say and do what you need to do while embracing, not dreading, the reactions of others.” Plus certain other recommendations, we have no doubt. [FishbowlLA]
  • On the outs: Legendary gossip Army Archerd is leaving his longtime post at Variety; Sumner Redstone has announced that he will step down as CEO of Viacom by next year when the media giant splits. Also, veteran Time Inc. PR exec Peter Costiglio is departing Time Inc. as VP communications. Other comings and goings here.
  • You better shape up, ’cause I need a man totally new magazine: To David Pecker’s heart he must be true, and Shape editrix Anne Russell’s not the one that he wants. Pecker fired Russell yesterday (after first asking her to resign, according to Jeff Bercovici of Women’s Wear Daily). Russell had been planning a redesign. Probably not quite like this though. Meanwhile her staffers are bracing for relocation orders or pink slips. Pecker plans to move the art and production departments for Shape from California to New York in order to completely overhaul the mag, which will no doubt also be accomplished through through a combination of healthy diet and lifestyle modifications.[WWD]
  • Are those strawberries in your sushi or are you just happy to see me? Eater reports that TONY cuts-and-pastes its way to mischaracterizing the Pink Panther Roll at Pearl on the Sushi, describing it as containing “strawberry cream cheese” when actually it contains “strawberry” AND “cream cheese.” Picky, picky. [Eater]
  • NY Post’s Steve Cuozzo to GQ: Eat this! a round-up of the outcry over the “4 Best Cities To Eat” story in the current issue of GQ. Not only does New York not qualify, it gets dinged for undercooked pizza, bogus bagels and ubiquitously generic fare. “Needing to know an unlisted reservations number to score a table at an elite restaurant doesn’t make a city great. Frankly, it makes it obnoxious.” gripes writer Adam Rapoport. The New York Post’s Steve Cuozzo is OUTRAGED at the slight and says “Fork You, GQ!” (never mind that GQ leaves out the Post’s perennially favorite city, Paris!) and thinks GQ should stick to their fancy-schmancy Cond&#233 Nast cafeteria food and “leave the rest of New York alone.” Hmph. Eater agrees but not with the list of examples in the “Why We Rock” sidebar, and requests that readers lend a hand in coming up with a real list. Fishbowl is, of course, happy to help.
  • “The bear actually bit down onto your head while you were asleep?” Apparently bears are the new sharks – on “The O’Reilly Factor” last night, we learned that there have been a whole whack of bear attacks this summer (what? My dad watches it!). A bear expert said it was because we were encroaching on their habitat. By the way, you should no longer play dead when you’re attacked by a bear; make a lot of noise and try to make yourself seem as imposing and formidable as possible, while slowly backing away (I’m not sure O’Reilly said that but I’m in cottage country right now, and just learned that from The Huntsville Forester). Then O’Reilly and Anne Coulter had a debate, but you know, not really because let’s face it, they’re sort of on the same side. In other news, the Tucson Weekly says that Coulter lifted chunks of her last column. O’Reilly didn’t mention that.