Media Minutiae, Shoulda Been Gone, Knowin’ How I Made You Feel Edition

  • Jennifer Aniston won’t stop believin’: Jennifer Aniston would like you to stop asking about Brad and start asking about Steve Perry. What’s he up to? Why did he leave Journey? Why couldn’t he hold onto that feeling? She also has some words of steel for Vanity Fair: she’s no crybaby, despite what Leslie Bennetts might have you think. In other news, “Oh Sherry” rocks. [Newsweek]
  • Finally, some love for hockey! Baseball’s over, which affords NYT columnist George Vescey time to remember that hockey’s back on the ice after a year of, uh, being on ice. You know what I mean. He likes the post-goon era; but what’s that big ol’ lug Todd Bertuzzi gonna do now? Factoid: Ranger’s coach Tom Renney is the former coach of Team Canada. Also, icing is delicious. [NYT (TimesSelect]
  • Wolcott: A Call to Arms for Morning Sedition I didn’t know this, but apparently Air America “Morning Sedition” host Marc Maron is being shoved out, due to what James Wolcott calls “dunderheaded mismanagement on the part of Air America.” Blog synchronicity alert: in the post below we remind readers that Lizz Winstead was relieved of her AA hosting duties. If you’d like to help Air America kick the habit, click through to Wolcott and he’ll tell you how. [James Woolcott]
  • Whoo! Bring on the dwarves! Rupert would buy the WSJ, if only he could. Not such a bad idea, actually; it would go a long way toward making the paper less moribund. It would also go a long way toward making the paper never use words like “moribund.” [WSJ]
  • DeLaying tactics: TVNewser has the $14,000 question.