Media Minutiae: Revolt Edition

  • Can’t shareholders just blindly accept M+As?: Same companies that led a VNU shareholder revolt are at it again, and will “likely” try to block its sale.
  • HuffPo-wer: HuffPo’s own Arianna Huffington debunks Secretary Rumsfeld’s history of presidential approval ratings during wartime. Huff: “Only trouble is, it’s completely bogus history. A brief fact check reveals that public support for WWII never slipped below 75 percent; Roosevelt’s approval rating during the war never fell below 66%; and his disapproval rating never climbed above 25%.” (And a thanks to AH for the heads-up.)
  • Stewart-Colbert ‘rivalry‘ moves to the small screen: iTunes is offering 16 edpisodes of The Daily Show and Colbert Report for $9.95 a month.
  • Wiki on the plains: A South Dakota paper takes a stab at that freaky ‘Wikitorial’ thing again.