Media Minutiae: ‘Page Sick’ Edition

  • ‘Nother Round of Cuts: 250 this round at Time Inc., reports Ad Age‘s Nat Ives.
  • Customized: Corporate spending on custom publications has doubled since 2000.
  • Ultimate Sports Wedding?: ESPN takes those awkward ballpark wedding propasals to their obvious, dreadfully sounding (to us) conclusion: Broadcasting a “lucky” couple’s live vows from ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT headquarters on ESPN Radio, ESPN2 HD, ESPN360, and Mobile ESPN.
  • Muslims Planted at NASCAR race: And NBC’s Dateline defends the stunt.
  • What the Media Thinks is Next for Tom Delay: Arianna Huffington, Claire Zulkey and the editor of FishbowlNY weigh in. [ASAP blog]