Media Minutiae, Our Blogware Was Down So We’re Slappin’ Something Up On The Blog Right Quick Edition

  • It’s a jolly holiday with Mariani: Is the Mariani flap over? Recall that Huffy Chef Homero Cantu claimed that Esquire food critic John Mariani breezed in to his Moto with a laundry list of demands and freebies; Mariani brought the huffy himself and said no way, no how. Esquire says he never sought comps while on assignment for them; a Houston hotel says they paid for his airfare; Mariani countered that hello, it was a fam trip. Sheesh. Okay. We’re done with this story unless someone offers US some free food.
  • You can like the life you’re living, you can life the life you like, you can even marry Harry, and mess around with Ike: That random “Chicago” lyric is apropos of nothing, really (except the relationship philosophy of my ex-boyfriend) but it’s from a movie for which Catherine Zeta-Jones won an Oscar, and she’s on the cover of Glamour for December after a brou-ha-ha in 2001 in which then-editor Bonnie Fuller reportedly pre-empted a planned Vogue cover by using CZJ for her own mag, using stock quotes. But if Velma and Roxie can bury the hatchet (or, in Velma’s case, the bloddy, stabby knife), this one oughta have been a piece of cake. In any case, a million dollars may seem like a lot to you, but it’s really not a lot of money to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, just so you know. [NYT]
  • Truth, rumor and the murky in-between from post-Katrina New Orleans: Salon examines why horrific tales of rapes, murders and anarchy flowed out of New Orleans after Katrina — especially when many of them were false. I guess because not all of them were false, and fear has a way of magnifying stories, broken-telephone style — especially when your telephones are literally broken? It will take a long time before things are clear about what happened in those last days of August/early days of September. We should definitely look at what was false, of course; but it shouldn’t distract us from looking at what wasn’t. [Salon]
  • So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, adieu: Time Out New York’s “Out There” editor Katherine Pushkar says goodbye to yieu and yieu and yieu as she skips over to the New York Post to be deputy features editor. Darren D’Addario replaces, coming over from TONY’s film dept. Congratulations to all, from us and the Mother Abbess. Fishbowl: Flogging the Sound of Music Joke Every Chance We Get!
  • This just in: blogs are a WASTE OF TIME I don’t understand, what’s not productive about individually clicking on 15 separate audio clips from “The Sound of Music”? AdAge begs to differ; apparently employees will “waste” 551,000 work years reading blogs in 2005. Fishbowl is proud of our own tiny contribution to that number. Ladies and gentlemen, the Family Von Trapp! [AdAge]