Media Minutiae, Oh, People They Don’t Understand Edition

NYmag cover.jpg

  • Stroke it to the east, Stroke it to the west…. Stroke it in the way that fans like best? The question mark lends gravitas to this post, which New York‘s ponderous cover has in spades. For the record: it’s totally a poster. Bravo New York! [NYMag]
  • People on the LES hook up with their neighbors? You don’t say. [NYT]
  • Is Herbert Muschamp trying to tell us something? Hm. Maybe having a higher word count would help. [NYT]
  • Why won’t the New York Times write about Wonkette’s book? Just kidding! Here’s the NYTBR review by Christopher Buckley. And so endeth the Dog Week. [NYT]
  • Just because you release this on Friday afternoon does not mean we don’t see it. “A secret Pentagon study has found that at least 80 percent of the marines who have been killed in Iraq from wounds to their upper body could have survived if they had extra body armor. That armor has been available since 2003 but until recently the Pentagon has largely declined to supply it to troops” [NYT]
  • Or does it? Only 455 hits in Google (not all relevant); 207 links on Technorati. Releasing information late on Friday helps, but I don’t think this one is going away.