Media Minutiae: NYDN Cuts | AA Doesn’t Heart ABC | Katie’s Colon | 9/11 Coverage | WMD Do-Over?

  • The Post‘s Keith Kelly only occassionally deigns to pick at the comings and goings at the rival Daily News, but when he does, it’s always got the requisite tabloid-wars bite to it. [NYP]
  • American Airlines: Pulling ads from ABC over controversial 9/11 docudrama. [Adweek]
  • His road to stardom was paved through Katie Couric‘s colon. [NYO]
  • Jon Friedman: Thinks the media did good job in its 9/11 coverage because it showed America as “strong and resilient.” Is coverage “good” simply because it’s framed in a way that agrees with his ideas of what it should be? [Marketwatch]
  • Aaron Brown: Says everyone in the media wants a “do-over” on pre-Iraq War WMD coverage. [On the Media]