Media Minutiae, Non-Jon Stewart Edition

  • Is Flipper the new Ahmad Chalabi? No, of course not, but we’ll sacrifice accuracy for a ridiculous image in a heartbeat. We just noticed a wee bit of Times Synchronicity (which is the same thing as blog synchronicity, except in the Times). First, in today’s Thursday Styles we’ve got Aaron Clark’s Swimming Gear that Flipper Would Envy,” and yesterday the always-delightful Campbell Robertson had a hilarious column titled “Flipper Contributed Reporting For This Column” wherein he and his helpers (including Flipper, apparently) interviewed attendees at the Heineken AmsterJam festival at Randall’s Island, including the I’m-almost-sure-she’s-Canadian Peaches who was wearing “silver thigh-high boots with eight-inch heels,” which dovetails nicely with this other Styles piece. Sadly, we don’t know what Alex Kuczynski is wearing this week. Ah well, we couldn’t afford it, anyway.
  • More bad news for the ink-stained amongst us: Between plummeting readership, dire predictions and morphing advertising allocations thanks to sexy, sexy blogs, apparently newspaper publishing stocks are whistling downhill. Good thing we’ve got Nick Lachey and Sean Penn to give circulation a boost – not to mention standards. (PS. Gawker’s “Aloha, Mr. Khomeini” cracked us up yesterday.)[CNN Money]
  • There is meth(od) in Jack Shafer’s madness: No, he doesn’t think you or your mouth should do meth (“Don’t use this drug. Don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t“) but he thinks everyone’s overreacting just an eensy bit (hello, Newsweek). [Slate]
  • What if God was one of us? After Jack Shafer’s stinging rebuke, Newsweek finds solace (and a soaring natural high) in its spiritual side this week in a double issue featuring “Spirituality in America.” Apparently 57% of Americans “consider spirituality a very important part of their daily lives” and 64% follow a religon (even if 19% don’t practice it traditionally)(and, if you’re 18 – 39, 29% of you don’t so practice). So 71% of people from 18 – 39 do practice their religion traditionally? Wow. Does that include things like Chrismukkah and reclining at the dinner table every night of the year? Just wondering. Upshot: apparently that’s not us in the corner losing our religion. Wrong again, Michael Stipe. [Newsweek]