Media Minutiae, Mr. Galloway Thought He’d Buy The Flowers Himself Edition

  • I’m a Hitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a slug… Hot Scot George Galloway faced off with Christopher Hitchens on the Iraq war to the delight of the “anarchists, socialists,Zionists, and even some Democrats” at Baruch College on Wednesday night. Sounds like a party. Hitch and Galloway traded barbs and insults: Hitch was a butterfly who’d turned back into a slug (perhaps they’re a bit muddled on their biology up in Scotland; slugs turn into moths); Galloway got the brunt of Hitch’s smugness after blame-gaming the Western world for 9/11, to boos (“You picked the wrong city to say that in, arguably the wrong month as well”). No intel on whether he condescendingly called Galloway “sunshine” a la Jon Stewart; then again, I can’t really see calling Galloway sunshine, ever. Either way, inflammatory hotheaded rhetoric is fun. No, YOU’RE out of order, sir! [NYPost]
  • Actually, we Canadians prefer to think of Malibu as the Muskoka of the South:The NYT has obviously been scouring Fishbowl for the latest, hottest trends; today’s Real Estate section has a big ol’ feature on how Muskoka, the lake-strewn sun-dappled loon-o-riffic secret jewel of Ontario has become quite the mecca for Hollywood thrill-seekers (like, for example, my parents). Apparently you can catch Martin Short, Bill Murray and Goldie & Kurt chillin’ on the lake, and sometimes eve Kate Hudson (btw Shania Twain has a cottage on our lake, Lake of Bays, which is about 20 minutes from Deerhurst Inn where she once sang in the shows). We’ve only ever seen Christopher Plummer, in Gravenhurst, when we were seven. He was surprisingly underwhelmed to have been told “You were good in the Sound of Music!” Ah, kids. [NYT]
  • Ciao, it’s Edward R. Murrow! Over at Salon, Kerry Lauerman interviews the dashing, principled, and tourist-friendly George Clooney, whose upcoming “Good Night, and Good Luck” champions an active, perhaps even activist press (Clooney directs and also plays the rather square Fred Friendly, Murrow’s longtime producer at CBS). Lauerman catches Clooney in Lake Como where the actor has been keeping up with the American press post-Katrina with his one-fingered typing, but it’s been enough for him to be impressed by Shep Smith “breaking ranks” by yelling at O’Reilly (nice genius comments last night, btw — for that you have more viewers than anyone else? Sheesh). He also thinks Anne Coulter is a “dumb-ass” (and not a good journalist, particularly). Interesing tidbit: Clooney’s dad was an anchorman, who wrote his own news. I look forward to the film; you should look forward to this interview, it’s great. [Salon]
  • Scarborough Country, where the socks are color-coded and alphabetized: We can’t help it, we think Joe Scarborough makes sense quite often, and we respected the whole not-running-for-the-Senate thing. We think he makes a good point here: “…Now, you’ve got George W. Bush telling everybody that we’re going to spend about $200 billion, and the people who are going to be in charge of it are Governor Blanco and Ray Nagin. These are two people I would not trust to rearrange my sock drawer and yet the president of the United States is giving them $200 billion.”