Media Minutiae: Lunch at Michael’s Yesterday and Today Except for Today Edition

  • Lunch at Michael’s, bite-sized low-carb diamant&#233 portion edition: We receive a nuggets of intel, dear reader, and pass them on to you. Apparently one Andr&#233 Leon Talley graced Michael’s with his &#252ber-presence yesterday, dining in well-shod style with George Malkemus, President of Manolo Blahnik (not to be confused with Stephen Malkmus, former frontman of Pavement. But that would be a fun and lively lunch). Also present and tickled pink was Michele Barouh of Michele Watches brand (yes, the very same Official Time-Keeper of Fashion Week!). Why was she so tickled? Because they’d just bequeathed their brand-spankin’ new “Turbina” watch to him, smothered in diamonds and as Voguey as it gets, right down to the ad in the first-ever Men’s Vogue that Peter Carlson from WaPo likes so much. Who better to bring the bling than the king. We just made that up but we think it’ll catch on. Also present: former Saks SVP Jaqui Lividini of Lividini Weisenfeld Partners, of which Michele Watches is a client. See how that works? One little watch, three happy people, four if you count Michael. Fishbowl’s just glad we got to be part of it.
  • Hell Freezes Over: Public likes press! It’s true! A new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll finds that 77% of Americans think the media have acted ‘responsibly’ in its coverage, with 20% saying ‘irresponsibly.'” 49% think the media are spending too much time trying to assign blame. 24-hour news cycle, people, gotta fill it somehow. [E&P]
  • Sploid, now Sploidier than ever: Our favorite bitingly funny news source, Sploid, has been redesigned and it’s much more user-friendly now. Check it out. Fishbowl, we’re all about public service announcements (see soccer post above).