Media Minutiae: Loathsome, Stalking, Iconic Edition

  • Loathing: Jon Friedman nominates CNN’s Lou Dobbs for President, then proceeds to hatchet Dobbs’ stump like an axe-wielding woodsman at the Great Outdoor Games: “It’s always interesting when you turn into what you loathe.”
  • A-boo-boo Ghraib?: NYT to review the accuracy of a story that claimed to identify the hooded detainee shown in one of the most iconic photos of prison-abuse from Abu Ghraib after Salon kicks up dirt suggesting a false ID.
  • 60‘s Icon: Clock’s officially ticking on Mike Wallace’s storied run at 60 Minutes.
  • For those of us who need to know exactly where Lindsay Lohan was five minutes ago: Gawker’s Stalker feature to get a Google mash-up.