Media Minutiae: Littlelest Page Sixer | Portfolio‘s Foot Fetish | No Prada Love | Katrina Ads | Brian Williams


Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen with Donny Deutsch at the Time 100 party in May

  • Portfolio: Home of a foot fetish site? [WWD]
  • Google, eBay: Form ad alliance. [AP via BusinessWeek]
  • No Takers: For another Prada. [Page Six]
  • Katrina Anniversary Ads: Tread lightly. [NYT]
  • Brian Williams: Blogs Katrina. [Daily Nightly]
  • TV Guide: Begs for readership — with popcorn. [AdRants]
  • Future Gossipist: Expected from Page Six editor Richard Johnson, wife. [Jossip]