Media Minutiae, Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Edition


  • Don’t sit on the couch! You’ll ruin it! Take your shoes off! No food in the living room! Please, make yourself at home: Apparently the Vogue team is seriously looking at putting out yet another Vogue-brand magazine called Vogue Living. Apparently Anna Wintour has been wanting to do so for years (thwarted by Domino?). With the Vogue brand on the march domestically and international Vogue shelter titles, it looks like everbody’s starter home just got a bit more expensive (hmm, wonder if the announcement of Blueprint was a factor). Sara James has the scoop. [WWD]
  • This is meta, and that’s saying something considering we’re talking about James Frey: Yikes! A Moscow paper is trying to out the outers of the faker as fakers — apparently The eXile had done their own piece outing Frey as a non-scary non-tough guy with a non-sordid history. The Smoking Gun’s Bill Bastone says “nyet.” It was an easy punchline, yes, and I took it. Dos vadanya. [NYP]
  • The Woody Allen Popularity Scale: Who’s more culturally important? No one, according to the march of Esquire covers through history. The mag has used Woody Allen on the cover a whopping five times according to number-cruncher Kyle Du Ford at Big & Sharp. Perspective: Clinton – 2, Sharon Stone -3, Truman Capote – 2 (both in 1976!). [B&S]
  • The mind Boggles: Only yesterday I revealed Fishbowl’s secret passion for words linked by letters in a shakable cube. Today, Paper mag staffers answer my geeky prayers by hosting a Boggle tournament. I plan to go after watching The State of the Union with the sound off and “Dark Side of the Moon” playing in the background. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! [PaperMag]