Media Minutiae: Joel Stein’s Mullet edition

Joel Stein.jpg

  • Over at FishbowlLA, there is a brilliant, scintillating, devastatingly insightful analysis of the Black Table’s “Rock and a Hard Place” interview with Joel Stein. Okay, FishbowlLA is on vacation and we wrote it. But let us have our fun, this is very weirdly meta. Upshot: Stein is much funnier writing about anything other than Stein. AJ Daulerio is just demented.[Black Table via FishbowlLA]
  • Huffing and Puffing: Only For People HuffPo Likes? Also at FishbowlLA but unrelated to us is an item about comments on HuffPo: apparently, some people’s comments have gotten bounced – comments that just happen to be unfriendly to HuffPo. FBLA’s buddy, journalist Mark Ebner, tried repeatedly to leave a comment for Laurie David calling her out for environmentally-unfriendly trips on a private plane, to no avail. Adrianna Huffington herself wrote to FBLA to vigorously deny the charges; an emailer writes attesting to the same problem. Is HuffPo bouncing unfriendly commenters? I doubt it; it runs counter to the HuffPo ethos and frankly, who reads comments? For all those gazillion entries? Who has TIME? Besides, they keep letting Gutfeld write. [FBLA]
  • Organic Style update: WWD’s Memo Pad has more info on the sudden and unexpected demise of Organic Style. Apparently the staff already had their desks cleaned out for an office move; now that’s efficiency. The 38 staffers who are suddenly jobless are still expected to report for work next week, and Rodale is going to try to place them elsewhere in the organization.”Generous transition packages” will apparently be doled out to those who depart. Could be worse, unless the “generous” part refers to swag bags filled with mega-glutamine supplements and Luna bars. [WWD]