Media Minutiae: It’s Not All About You, Judy Miller Edition

  • Have these people never heard the term “Mad Scientist?” How about “Evil Genius”? “Diabolical Madman”? “Deranged Lunatic Bent on Destruction?” Apparently not the scientists in charge of publishing the full genome of the 1918 influenza virus on the Internet. Someone needs to sit these people down and show them Spider Man II. Sheesh. [NYT]
  • Be fruitful and multiply: Heeb Magazine unveils its first sex issue, feauturing covergirl Sarah Silverman (talking about sex? We’re shocked!), Anya Kamenetz interviewing Naomi Wolf on “the underpinnings of Jewish desire” (and how zuftig can look pretty good to some people), and artistic renderings of the Old Testament’s sexiest scenes (clearly Onanism lives on in II Samuel 11: 2). And he lay with her, and knew her, and lo, after he did not call. [Heeb]
  • Best Place To Find The Word “Best”: The Village Voice‘s “Best of New York” issue, chock-full of recommendations, sardonic observations and a crash-course in what the cool kids’re thinkin’. [Village Voice]
  • NY Mag hearts Jews: Are Jews smarter? Gefilte fish and having sex through a sheet. You tell me. (Shhh, Bubbeleh, play dumb, we’ve got a worldwide media to control here. See you at the Christmas meeting!) [NYMag]
  • Comings and Goings: Michael Caruso has left Men’s Journal without an EIC; Ariel Foxman is hanging in at Cargo, and, contrary to rumor, newly de-magazined Vitals editor Joe Zee will not be stepping into Foxman’s spiffy shoes. This is all according to Keith Kelly, who knows (but not in the way Heeb is using that term this month). [NY Post]
  • Always the pineapples growing, always the coffee blossoms blowing: No better way to escape the grim rain of last week than to jet off to Puerto Rico, where all sorts of magazine types congregated this weekend for the American Magazine Conference (per Kelly as welly). AdAge crowned People top of its “A List” (it clears a cool $400 million per year, did you know that?) and awarded Wired EIC Chris Anderson the “Editor of the Year” award (which Kelly says was a surprise but doesn’t say why, or who Anderson beat out that would have been less surprising). New Cond&#233 Nast biz-title editor Joanne Lipman was there, because how are you supposed to work if you don’t have a desk? (Don’t answer that, we just set our desk on fire). [NYP]
  • Penthouse vs. Playboy: Let the battle for the bottom line begin! Penthouse and Playboy are both diversifying into multi-media ‘content’ delivery so even if their newsstand sales are drooping they expect overall profit to show a noticeable rise, staying strong and holding firm. I refer those seeking a punchline to this month’s issue of Heeb. II Samuel 11:2 works fine. [Business 2.0]