Media Minutiae II, They Call It Snuppy Love Edition

Puppy Love.jpg

  • “Dogged Pursuit?” Now that’s a doggone clever title! Time magazine has declared Snuppy the cloned dog the top invention of 2005. We’ll just take any excuse to invoke Paul Anka, who is Canadian and wrote this item’s theme song. For some strange reason, “My Best Friend’s Wife Is The Love Of My Life” was my favorite song when I was nine. Isn’t that a weird song for a nine year old to like? No weirder than covering “Smells Like Teen Spirit” swing-style, I suppose. Paul Anka fans, this one’s for you. And Snuppy. [Time]
  • They call it Snuppy Love II: Speaking of Time, they announced today that they’re adopting blogger Andrew Sullivan, who will be moving his blog to Time in January. Jim Kelly hopes it will be the beginning of a wonderful “blog neighborhood” at the mag. Aw. Lots of friends for Snuppy! [NYP]
  • Add Jay Rosen to the list of people who think Arthur Sulzberger Jr. totally screwed the Snuppy on Charlie Rose the other night. [HuffPo]
  • Who’d have thought they’d lead ya back here where we need ya? Such cool news from AOL and Warner Bros. — they’re going to offer vintage TV shows free online! Shows will include “Welcome Back, Kotter,” “Wonder Woman” and “Kung Fu” and will be bankrolled by a 15-second commercial that you can’t skip. But you CAN close your eyes and cover your ears! Ha! Not during the Kotter theme song though; we love that almost as much as Gabe Kaplan‘s bushy ‘stache. Here, listen. [WSJ]
  • Following puppets, setting agendas: Crain’s weighs on on why Jon Stewart matters: he’s the Brinkley/Huntley/Cronkite of the 18-25 demo. John Cusack‘s point exactly, if expressed a bit more succinctly. [Crain’s]
  • Esquire doesn’t pay rent on that ridiculously huge bachelor pad. I bet the delicious little soups were free, too. Damn. [NYT]
  • The NYT is launching a sports mag, and they’re gonna give it 110%: The NYT is set to launch that sports mag they announced back in August, free with the paper, published quarterly and chock full o’ thoughtful thoughts on sports. It’s going to be called “Play.” Is it me or does that kind of sound like the companion mag to “Cookie?” Just askin’. [NYP]