Media Minutiae, Guns On The Run Edition

  • Snark Passage: MarketWatch media critic Jon Friedman‘s three-part series on the rise of snark is characterized by the utter lack thereof. [MW]
  • What I am is what I am, are you what you are or what? Super round-up of All Things Frey at GalleyCat (guess how many things? That’s right, a million. And they’re all little). [GC]
  • One person’s homewrecker is another person’s philanthropist: We all thought we knew there was a Brangelina bun in the oven, but the people of Haiti knew it, and People ponied up accordingly, thanks to some savvy philanthro-brokering from Jolie. [NYP]
  • Alessandra Stanley? Never heard of her. Media Orchard has a great interview with Regret The Error’s Craig Silverman, who is at his rightest when his colleagues are at their wrongest. Check your speling! [MediaOrch]
  • Here’s to the Ladies who Lust! GalleyCat also has some good backstory to today’s NYT books piece about older women getting their groove on. Two things struck me from that piece: one, that leather skirts don’t seem particularly sexy anymore, on anyone, really (a la shiny red heels); and two, I remember Jane Juska because I am forever connected with her on a page in Glamour where a piece of mine ran. The piece includes Juska’s original NYTBR ad and I’ve included it after the jump for interest’s sake. [GC]

Jane Juska.jpg
Jane Juska from Glamour, July 2003. Does not include compelling article on how to wear the two-person fleece “Cupplerobe” reviewed earnestly by this reporter.