Media Minutiae: “Curses, Jossiped again!” Edition

  • Get your Hamptons on with the NYT‘s Bob Morris tonight (and every Wednesday in August) at The Cutting Room, 9:30 pm. Yes, you can just read our review, but can you really think as well as he can sing?
  • More on the Murdochs: Tom Scocca delves to his usual depth in today’s NYO, taking us inside the bewildered New York Post circa after Lachlan’s announcement, for a five-hour lunch at Da Silvano, and back through the Murdoch family historical record. He also reports on the building permit situation for 11 Spring Street, a New York real estate obsession for actual years now (backstory helpfully provided by Curbed).
  • An anonymous tipster confirms: the men’s room at Wenner Media isn’t anyone’s idea of next to Godliness. Here‘s the updated post. Yes, we’re sure you wanted to know that.
  • The American Society of Journalists and Authors giveth and the American Society of Journalists and Authors taketh away: The – one more time – American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) has voted to reverse their earlier decision to award its annual “Conscience in Media” award to the incarcerated Judith Miller because the board felt – unanimously – that “her entire career, and even her current actions in the Plame/CIA leak case, cast doubt on her credentials for this award.” You know,after Justice Hogan and his tough talkin’ Lewis Carroll references, you ASJA types probably don’t seem that tough. Either way, that’s kind of a dickhead move. [E&P]
  • Andy Serwer of thinks Johnny Depp’s creepily-smooth-faced Willy Wonka looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and Anna Wintour. He also thinks that utilities like TXU, PPL, and Sempra boosted the Dow utility index to a 4 1/2-year high. Everybody’s got an opinion. [Fortune]
  • Much like its brand-new and old publisher, the New York Post likes to push the limits of what you think it’s capable of. To wit, this headline: “Jewish Doc Secretly Made Limp Princes Potent-ates,” about the Israeli urologist who was tapped on the sly to give the Royal House of Saud a little lift with the ladies. The kicker, though, is the author: Uri Dan. Anyone else giggling right now? [NYPee-Pee]
  • Oh, George Gurley. I used to think you were the George with the crazy eyebrows, and now I know far too much about your basal body temperature. Still, I commend you for your bravery. Hilly too. Oh yes, Hilly too. [NYO]
  • I can see why Andy Serwer thinks Johnny Depp’s Wonka looks like Anna Wintour. But I actually think she looks quite a bit like Judith Miller. They have the same haircut and steely demeanor and you kinda know that both of them could kick your ass. I can’t be the first one to have come up with this, can I? Aw, nuts.
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