Media Minutiae: Burkle, Stern, Rooney

  • Ron Burkle, in His Own Words: And gets political in today’s WSJ: “I was asked repeatedly to pass on secrets about my friends to gain protection against negative stories about myself. I refused to play this game, so I was punished. But this source game is not only played on Page Six. It is also played for high stakes on Wall Street and in Washington.
  • Jared Paul Stern Says After the Page Six Scandal, He’s Gonna Be Huge: He tells the Observer: “You know, I am optimistic that by the time all this is done, really, I won’t be damaged goods. I’ll be better known.”
  • Buzz, Balls & Hype Author Speaks: Gothamist talks to M.J. Rose about her own backstory.
  • ESPN’s Bonds’ Reality Heat: The show starring the embattled slugger, which costs $4.5 million to license, is being roundly criticized, though ESPN says Bonds’ take from the show will be minimal.
  • An Elegy for ElleGirl: Our own Claire Zulkey toasts her former glossy love in the Huffington Post.
  • What a Hero: George Rush of the Daily News‘ Rush & Molloy tells Nikki Finke he’s turned down attempted gossip bribes involving restaurateurs, music moguls and $600 in cash.
  • Times’ Taken by Military Propaganda: Huffpo’s Ankush Khardori dissects the case.
  • CBS’ Eye Looks at Andy Rooneyisms: Car horn subtleties, through the years.