Media Minutiae: Bill Keller | Keith Olbermann | Baby Suri | David Remnick | Post 9/11 Foreign Policy Coverage


  • Bush To Times‘ Bill Keller at White House Meeting: If they revealed the secret program to the public and there was another terrorist attack on American soil, the Paper of Record would be implicated. “The basic message,” recalls Keller [above], “was, “You’ll have blood on your hands.'” [New York Mag]
  • Countdown: Bill O’Reilly is losing viewers, and left-leaning MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is adding them. Olbermann on O’Reilly: “I wouldn’t say a truce, but I don’t think there’s very much fight left in him at this point. [Salon]
  • Vanity Fair Page Views: Up (3X previous record) for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spawn Suri. [WWD]
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Gives props to (um, his boss) New Yorker editor David Remnick, calling him “the great newspaper reporter of his generation.” [Guardian]
  • Project for Excellence in Journalism Survey: Indicates coverage of foreign policy increased after 9/11. Not too surprising considering we’ve been involved in two wars over that period. [PEJ]