Media Minutiae, And Mickey Makes Four Edition

  • Love, exciting and not at all new anymore: We were all set to link to Mickey Kausexcellent deconstruction of Nicholas Kristof‘s op-ed correction, which as Kaus grumpily points out is hidden behind the TimesSelect subscription wall, but then we had one of our patented “Fishbowl falls in love” moments when we got to this: “Kristof may have hit on the marketing breakthrough that will save TimesSelect. Call it TruthSelect. Here’s the plan: Have the op-ed columns in the print edition contain flagrant inaccuracies. Figure out what the factual version of events is, but print the corrected, accurate version only on the restricted, premium portion of the Web site, where people have to pay $49.95 to get at it. The B.S. is free. The truth you have to pay for!” TruthSelect? AWESOME. Hat vis &#224 vis head: Off. Heart vis &#224 vis sleeve: on. [Slate]
  • Sleeping with the fishwrap: The NYDN gleefully reports that mob wiretaps reveal a mob mole at the New York Post, some dude named “Vinny Bionics” whose byline we don’t recognize. Damn, now the Post can’t sing “Yes, We Have No Bonannos” and really mean it. “Yes, We Have No Bonannos!” Okay, that’s objectively funny. [NYDN]
  • Don Imus smacks down MSNBC, offers Aaron Brown career advice: The distinguished gentleman of morning shows, Don Imus, actually comes up with a smart career move for Aaron Brown: hoof it over to MSNBC which, Imus says, is famous for picking up the also-rans of the other two networks. Thing is, that’s not such a bad idea: MSNBC would get a major lift from that, and the Aaron Brown core audience plus pity vote would at least try to give it a shot. What else is on MSNBC at 10pm? Rita? (Or, as Jon Stewart called her, Throaty McHuskington). No, Joe Scarb. Hmm. Wow, Jon Klein, it’s true: there really are only so many hours in the day! Hmm, Fox doesn’t need the help…gee, what network would benefit most from Brown’s reputation plus the sudden rush of goodwill that this unceremonious exit has wrought? Oh. Right. [Page Six]
  • In Da Club: Welcome, Jay-Z, to the rarefied world of New York media! Apparently the rapper/record mogul/”U” to whom Beyonc&#233 caters is thinking of buying the embattled Source, so well known for payin’ it’s rent and lovin’ its bitches. In other news, yes, I know “In Da Club” is by Fiddy. I got 99 problems, but not knowing my hip-hop ain’t one. [WWD]
  • Honestly, did we need another reason to despise Michael Brown? We most certainly did not, but that didn’t stop Louisiana Rep. Charles Melancon from posting some of Brownie’s mid-Katrina emails on his website. All right, people, let’s roll up our sleeves and look like we’re getting to work! Wonkette says it best; in hindsight, Bush maybe not so much. [CNN]