Media Minutiae, $1 Million Edition

  • Million-dollar dimples: It’s official: Anderson Cooper’s as-yet unwritted book has sold for $1 million to HarperCollins, Jonathan Burnham to edit. Luke Janklow is a pretty good agent. AndyCoop is a pretty good writer; no ghostwriter required! Proceeds mostly to charity. We don’t know how “mostly” breaks down but we’re assuming he’ll deduct expenses a la Pearlstine. Correct us if you can. [BookStandard]
  • “…and then I’d like some tomato soup, hold the tomatoes…” Sacre bleu! I cannot work under zees conditions! My french accent is so bad I can’t even write it, but that’s not the point: the point is, Chicago chef Homaro Cantu doesn’t sound French, and claims that Esquire food columnist John Mariani sent him a huge four-page list of demands requests before last year’s meal at Cantu’s “moto” (an “Asian influenced, degustation focused restaurant”). Mariani also asked the restaurant to pick up the tab for “everything from cab fare to his hotel bill,” which Mariani calls “preposterous” (per Romenesko). Dude, next time you’re SO getting spit in your soup. [Chicago Sun-Times and Esquire, both via Romenesko]
  • A horse is a horse, of course, of course: Giddy up! Primedia has added horse-happy site to its stable (hee) of horse properties which includes and magazines Horse & Rider and Brownie’s favorite, Arabian Horse World. This was SO just an excuse to link the theme from Mr. Ed. [MediaPost]
  • “The News Is Funny, as a Correspondent Gets His Own Show” Honestly, you can’t improve on a headline like that, can you? The Colbert Report starts Monday. “This Week in God” to stay with Jon, and Rob Corddry doesn’t mind one bit. That headline officially made the world more boring. [NYT]
  • “J.K. Rowling, why are your books so…gay?” I seriously don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of using that line. Congratlations to my two homies, J.K. Rowling, Jon Stewart (oh, all right, Janet Evanovich, I like you, too) who were awarded Quills Awards last night. In other news, apparently anti-Voldemort is the new rich. [Publisher’s Marketplace]
  • “I don’t get it! Universities are usually so cool about this sort of thing!”The New York Sun reports on a University of Chicago science professor who said “I shouldn’t be doing this. I’ll be going up for tenure soon ” — and then promptly started a blog. Guess what happened? [NY Sun]
  • Fine on media, but not so fine on the Weekend WSJ: BusinessWeek media columnist Jon Fine has a new blog, called “Fine on Media” (not “gung-ho” not “rockin'” “violently negative,” just fine, thank you). [FOM]