Media Matters, MRC Disturb Pinterest

Pinterest is probably the most innocuous corner of the Internet. It’s a social media platform dominated by women who like sharing recipes, cheesy family photos and hairstyle tips.

It’s essentially the last place on Earth you’d go if you had an annoying political opinion you wanted to foist on other angry individuals. It’s a magical place free of shame and judgment.

Or, it was until the hyper partisan Media Matters for America set up an account on the site and brought the never-ending hate it has for radio host Rush Limbaugh and Fox News with it.

Here what the people of Pinterest enjoy sharing on any given day:

And here’s the type of thing MMFA is posting on its own account:

But MMFA isn’t the only offender here. Its conservative counter part, Media Research Center, is also casting a dark cloud over the innocence that is Pinterest:

FBDC reached out to both publications to ask if either believed their partisan screeds might be jarring in a squishy forum largely devoted to sharing pesto recipes and scrap booking tips. “No,” said the succinct spokeswoman for MMFA.

So far MRC isn’t talking.