Media Matters to James Murdoch: ‘Use Your Power for Change’

Liberal group wants a new era for News Corp.

Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group known for its constant sparring with Fox News, has put a full-page ad in today’s International Herald Tribune calling for change at Fox parent News Corp.

The ad, headlined "A New Era for News Corp?," is an open letter to James Murdoch, who was recently promoted from his current position overseeing News Corp. in Europe and Asia to a new job in New York as deputy chief operating officer and chairman and CEO of international operations. The letter, says the Guardian’s Richard Greenslade, "seeks to exploit a supposed split between the old News Corp., represented by Rupert Murdoch, and the (supposed) emergent one under his son, James."

Media Matters begins by giving Murdoch some advice: "As your company reaches further into Europe, the Middle East, and China, your opportunities to shape public opinion expand. Unfortunately, right now we believe your reputation precedes you. As long as News Corp. is plagued by hate speech, illegal activity, and misinformation, you'll be a global pariah, not a leader."

The group then goes on to address what it believes are the company's greatest crimes, including the recent News of the World hacking scandal, Fox News (which it calls "a safe haven for bigotry and anti-Semitism") and its president Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck’s Fox program, and what it says is News Corp.'s hypocrisy on the issue of climate change—the company has been "a leader in pursuing carbon neutrality," Media Matters claims, while it simultaneously allows Fox News to deny the existence of global warming.

"Use your power to make a change," the letter urges Murdoch. "Build your legacy. Usher in a new era for News Corp."