Media Matters Finally Responds to Andrew Malcolm’s Exit from the LA Times

Given their visceral dislike for LA Times “Top of the Ticket” blogger Andrew Malcolm, Media Matters’ week long silence over Malcolm’s impending departure to Investor’s Business Daily struck us as rather odd. There was nothing close to an in-depth blog post. No mocking Facebook update. Not even a celebratory tweet.

Until now.

It took him some time, but Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert finally got around to commenting on Malcolm’s exit.

[T]he Times’ problem with Malcolm was two-fold: He’s a hack who does virtual no original reporting but instead surfs the Internet scooping whatever right-wing talking point is being celebrated that day and posts it on a Times site. Second, he’s been the only point of view regularly offered by the newspaper.

But all that is going to change next month. For the record, I don’t know if Malcolm was pushed from the Times or if he left voluntarily. I do know however, there aren’t many journalists in America who would willingly trade in a Los Angeles Times byline for an Investor’s Business Daily one.

So enjoy IBD Andrew, it’s a perfect fit for you.

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