Media Life Magazine Ceases Publication

Advertising industry trade was launched in May of 1999

The announcements went up on the Media Life magazine website and Facebook page Thursday.

Just shy of the digital publication’s 18th anniversary, Gene Ely and co. have decided to shut down the operation:

When we launched Media Life, what inspired us was a quirky notion. It was the sort of quirky notion entertained by editors and rarely anyone else.

We’d write Media Life solely for its readers, media planners and buyers, and no one else. We’d write the stories they told us they wanted. We’d write real stories, not the pretend, advertiser-puffing stories then dominating the print trades.

Ely, speaking later in the day to New York Post media columnist Keith J. Kelly, reasserted that this represents more a new beginning than permanent end. “We expect to come back with related projects,” Ely explained.

Recent Media Life items include a look at the low rate of renewal among native advertisers, the dire financial state of iHeart Media and a website initiative to help combat online-ads click-through fraud. It’s unclear whether the content will remain archived.

Along with Ely, the full-time staff comprised of managing editor Toni Fitzgerald and staff writers Diego Vasquez, Bill Cromwell, Louisa Ada Seltzer and, in London, Heidi Dawley. Media Life occupied the same space as Adweek, Ad Age and MediaPost.