Media kibbles, media bits

Media kibbles, media bits

– Joel Stein makes the New Yorker. More importantly, he writes something that isn’t about him and is actually kinda funny.

– The star and producers of ‘The Island’ (which I hear is actually not all that bad) reconcile, sort of, on Page Six. (link via Defamer)

– Over the weekend the AMI-paying-hush-money-on-Schwarzenegger’s behalf story got looked at by Tim Rutten in the LAT and mentioned in the NYT by David Carr in re: AMI’s financial problems.

– The Hollywood Forever Cinespia screenings, the Spanish Civil War of Los Angeles 2005 (in that hip young intellectuals are apparently socially required to attend, or at least have a strong opinion about it) gets visited by some dumb band in the NYT‘s A Night Out With….

Losangealous finds an image of UCLA’s Royce Hall in a Best Buy advertising insert. And they’re right- it’s really there, not like Jesus in a taco or something.