Media Hates Hillary Because It’s Like Looking In A Mirror

Over at wowOwow Vanity Fair writer Judy Bachrach has discovered why the media hates Hillary Clinton so much: it’s because she reminds them too much of themselves!

It seems that once upon a time Bacharch was dumped by her boyfriend and in the aftermath made a complete fool of herself discovered that she was a human being.

I couldn’t…let go of a guy who exchanged me for a moron…the memory of my mortifying, excruciating almost erotic attachment to stone-cold failure haunts me to this day.
And now, just when she thought she’d pushed these “mortifying” memories to the back of her mind, never to be suffered again, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is bringing the whole distressing experience back to life.
I was, in other words, simply a younger version of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I simply could not get out of the race, even though, let’s face it, the race was over…Everything I hate about myself I see in Hillary
Later we discover that what really bugs Bacharach is how Hillary deals with “powerful men” (somehow how powerful men deal with Hillary is not a problem).

Whenever Hillary thinks Obama is onto something…she doesn’t do what most politicians do: which is to, say, challenge it…[she] appropriates the last thing that pops out of her rival’s mouth as though it were her own.

The audacity! It’s not like any of the other candidates ever considered stooping so low.

Actually, we sort of agree with Bacharch. We’ve long suspected that the media’s aversion to Hillary has more to do with the fact that she is a constant reminder, particularly to women who may prefer a more attractive revisionist version of women’s liberation, that, actually life is complicated and messy and that to get ahead one be tenacious, ambitious, unattractive, compromising and, sooner rather than later, get one’s hands dirty. No wonder it’s “uncomfortably familiar.” One can only imagine what Maureen Dowd sees in her mirror.

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