Media Gather at the W to Talk Turkey

The media has been sworn to secrecy today as the presidential-pardoned turkey and his alternate head to the W Hotel for a press junket. Richard Huisinga from the National Turkey Federation will be on hand for the 3:30 p.m. event.

“We have to keep this under wraps lest he freak out,” said Barbara Martin, a publicist for BrandLinkDC Communications.

They don’t want to upset the turkey so they’re treading carefully. “I watched his presser in Minnesota on his way to DC–and he’s a bit of a flier,” she said. “If he gets freaked out and flies off the rooftop I may have to jump after him.

All potential drama aside, the 21-week-old 45-pound turkey has quite a few days ahead. Tonight he’ll live it up in a custom suite at the W where he’ll be fed, berries, acorn and corn. No word on champagne or in-room massage. On Wednesday morning, he’ll go to the White House where President Obama will pardon him in the Rose Garden. Fresh from his pardoning, he’s off to Mount Vernon for more festivities. If this doesn’t freak him out, nothing will — at Mount Vernon he’ll face an 18th century motorcade and trumpet fanfare. The turkey will go on holiday there until January 6, at which point he’ll shack up indefinitely at George Washington‘s estate and gardens.