Media dumplings of the day

My sister says that some guy who writes for a funny-colored newspaper says that Lloyd Grove might come to the LAT because Mickey Kaus says so. Right, because when Mickey says jump, the LAT says ‘how high?’ The poor guy can’t even get them to cancel his subscription.

– Are you a journalist living in Orange County? If so, I’m sorry for you. But do you want to help form an OC chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists? Of course you do, so email this person.

– The state legislature just passed two bills granting journalists better access to prison inmates. Unclear if Schwarzenegger will sign them. Call his office and tell him he should. Or email this guy, who is organizing a campaign to lobby the governor. Then come visit me when I end up in prison.

WeHo magazine (I assume that’s pronounced ‘we hoe’) is throwing a launch party tonight at Prey on La Cienega. It’s a benefit for Katrina victims via UNICEF and the charity Being Alive. Performances by a couple ‘eighties divas.’ So go, unless you feel like playing board games.

– Looks like I’m getting a sidekick next week. To the mediabatmobile, Robin!