Media All Over Whispers of Hillary Clinton’s Sunday Announcement

The walnut sauce that launched a campaign.

As the music industry continues having fun with its stealth album-drop campaigns, the campaign industry goes in the opposite direction. No surprises. Every plan purposely uncovered and then covered to death.

When Hillary Clinton announces Sunday via social media that she is running for president, as she is widely expected to, it will be an anti-climax. Last night’s news, based, as ever, on ubiquitous “sources close to the campaign” was the dramatic high point in this storyline, unless the announcement itself goes wrong. But barring some unplanned glitch, flub or faux pas, this news about news will most likely be louder than the news itself.

On a perhaps but probably not unrelated note, a contingent of journalists sat down to a homemade dinner of pasta with walnut sauce at the home of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, reported HuffPo’s Michael Calderone.  We have no idea what was discussed because the dinner was off the record. But the walnut sauce was divine, we’re sure.