How To Find Out The Meaning Of Every Trending Topic On Twitter

Twitter’s Trending Topics are the most-talked about things happening on twitter right now, and they’re a great way for you to tap into the buzz in the Twitterverse. However, it’s not always possible to figure out what a Trending Topic actually is, even after you’ve clicked on it (after all, how many times have you seen a trending topic filled with “Why is #thistrendingtopic trending??” tweets?). We’ve got the best resource for you to discover the meaning behind every trend that hits Twitter’s front page, so you can chime in and shed some light on these trends for your fellow tweeters.

First thing’s first: bookmark What The Trend right now. This is the resource for discovering the meaning behind any and all trends on Twitter.

What The Trend shows you what’s currently trending on Twitter, along with a community-created definition of that trend. So, for instance, #ifsexwasasport is currently the #1 trending topic on Twitter. On What The Trend, you’ll notice that it is also the #1 result on the main page, and that it is defined as “Users are tweeting what they would do, or what would happen if sex was a sport.”

The definitions for trending topics are community-submitted by Twitter users just like yourself who have a little knowledge they want to share. Anyone can submit a definition, and the community votes up or down each definition based on its accuracy and appropriateness. The definition with the most up votes is the one you see on What The Trend’s main page.

Some definitions may have a green check mark next to them as well, which means they have been verified by an editor or a large group of people.

There is some additional information that What The Trend has about Twitter trends that’s pretty interesting. For instance, each definition will tell you who the trend originated from, if that’s included in a community member’s definition. It will also tell you the last time that particular trend has made it to the top 10 trends list on, and the last time the trend was defined. You might see a trend that was defined over a year ago pop up repeatedly on the top 10 Trending Topics list, and if you frequent What The Trend enough, you’ll soon be able to predict the recurrence of some of the more popular trends on Twitter.

If you’re interested in helping What The Trend curate Twitter trend definitions, you can create an account and earn reputation points with each action you do, such as voting for definitions. After you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll get additional abilities on the site, such as the ability to edit other people’s posts.

So now you can go forth and define all of the Trending Topics you want, quickly becoming the go-to tweeter for your followers to find out the meaning of all Twitter’s Trending Topics.