Meadow Steppin’ Out

jamie-lynn-sigler.jpgThe Sopranos is back this Sunday, and as our FishbowlLA brothers pointed out, the awkward mafia-related media blitz is peaking. Here’s one: Steppin’ Out — the free, New Jersey-based club guide for the metro area that appeals to, well, someone — has an interview and what appears to be “exclusive” photo shoot with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the actress known for her portrayals of the Sopranos‘ “Meadow” and Heidi Fleiss, and for marrying her manager, changing her last name, splitting up and changing it back.

Editor Chaunce Hayden, known for collecting Howard Stern‘s table scraps, conducts a legitimately interesting sit-down:

Hayden: You’ve been on the cover of Stuff and Maxim magazines. Are those magazines still something that interests you, or are you over it?

Sigler: I’m over it.

Hayden: Never again?

Sigler: No. I did them for specific things that I was promoting. Like when I did the Heidi Fleiss movie. That wasn’t going to get me on the cover of Seventeen. I was promoting a movie about a prostitute and drug addict. I’m not saying I regret doing those magazines. I had fun on the shoots and it’s interesting to explore while you’re growing up. But at this point … (Long pause) I never like to say never. I should bite my tongue because you never know if a certain project will make it necessary to promote myself in those magazines.

Steppin’ Out