Meacham’s Influence On Romney Speech


Newsweek editor Jon Meacham played an interesting role in Mitt Romney’s historic College Station ”Faith In America” speech. On last night’s Charlie Rose show Meacham revealed that he received a ”preemptive call” from the former Massachusetts Governor to let the editor know that his upcoming speech had been heavily influenced by Meacham’s book American Gospel, on religion in America. Meacham, however, was slightly critical on Rose’s show, arguing that Romney’s speech was aimed too much towards people of faith. ”I wish (Romney) has included a critical part … a right not to believe … if I were not a person of faith, I would not be reassured.”

Meacham also let his funny side show in the interview telling Rose that the perfect, ideal, best-selling Newsweek cover would feature ”The Jesus Diet.”

(image via pbs)